I would describe myself as a composer trained in the British acousmatic and American computer music traditions with a strong practice in the discipline of musical signal processing. As a former member of the Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) I’ve received an education in the art of sound diffusion, bringing spatio- musical concerns to the forefront as a compositional and performance dynamic. From 1997 I’ve investigated the application of Ambisonic technologies as a comprehensive approach to develop a spatio-musical language—resulting in tools and signal processing techniques and musical outputs.

In recent years, a number of authors have set about defining spatio-musical and spatio-perceptual paradigms. While these theoretical frameworks are extremely useful for the composer, a comprehensive musical signal processing technique allowing musical control of spatial attributes hasn’t been adequately presented. Instead, composers, artists and producers are often left with ad hoc approaches.

The development and deployment of Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) offers enormous opportunities for the artist. Along with HOA soundfield synthesis, soundfield capture techniques have recently been developed and commercially delivered — which begins to bring HOA in line with Gerzon’s mature 1st order systems. While HOA theory continues to evolve, a very important opportunity lies in brining forward the spatio-musical composition and signal processing techniques I’ve developed to an HOA context. And, it is expected this activity would offer a comprehensive paradigm for composers, artists, producers and broadcasters working with spatial composition.


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