“Definitely one of the best electroacoustic items to cross my
threshold in recent years”
    La Folio Music Review

“Joseph Anderson’s music is simply amazing. These works
are some of my favorite music… “      MP3.AL


Composition of electroacoustic music and active as a sound installation artist with invitations, commissions, broadcasts, performances, and recognition from international juries. Composition has been subject of PhD research by musicologists (Technischen Universität, Berlin) into spatial sound composition. Active concert producer as founding co-organizer of the San Francisco Tape Music Collective. DAWs: Pro-Tools, Logic Audio, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo, Reaper.

Digital Signal Processing

Development and implementation of DSP algorithms for sound and music. Includes industrial experience developing musical signal processing for embedded and virtual OEM systems. Languages: Python, Numpy, SciPy, C, C++, SuperCollider, Csound, CLM.

Ambisonic Surround Sound

Research into and implementation of Ambisonic surround sound image processing technologies. Design and installation of large scale Ambisonic loudspeaker arrays for public performance. Recording and mastering of music through the use and development of associated microphone, signal processing and production techniques.

HONORS & COMMISSIONS, selected list:

Honor·Second Prize, Reflexionen Spatial Music Competition 2003
Institute of New Media (Frankfurt, Germany)
Music·Kyai Pranaja

Commission·Society for the Promotion of New Music 1998
New Music ’98 ISCM World Music Days (Manchester, UK)
Sound Installation·Standing Waves at Manchester Town Hall

Honor·Grand Prix, International Electroacoustic Music Competition 1997
Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique (Bourges, France)
Music·Change’s Music

Honor·Honourable Mention, EAR’97 Music Competition 1997
Hungarian Radio / HEAR Studio (Budapest, Hungary)
Music·Change’s Music

Honor·Recommendation, Stockholm Electronic Arts Award 1996
Swedish National Concert Institute / EMS (Stockholm, Sweden)
Music·Change’s Music

Commission·BBC Radio 3 1995
Music Live ’95 (Birmingham, UK)
Sound Installation·WEB
Music·the 7GATES of thebes